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Tulip for the city


This work, carried out in conjunction with the "Festa dei Fiori" and supported by the Pro Loco, actually originates from one of my dreams: a beam of light passes through the old Roman road of the city and goes on its tallest tower, forming a big tulip shining like a lighthouse.

In the structure of the flower have been inserted strips written by people with desires for the city - then related to the tulip and brought to 60 meters in height on the tower as Tibetan prayers.
In a sense, the work is self-generated; gradually I understood the meaning of it: the difficulty of communicating and have deep desires and pursue dreams and how it leads to freedom, and I also understand that my artwork had to leave the study and enter into the city.
So a dream full of consequences and meanings that I will be revealed little by little, and only in the end it will understand its larger message. (see ebook)

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