Paola Volpato

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Strings & Flowers - Installation


They develop the theme of multiplicity of points of view and how they can change the meaning of things and of daily life.

The recent scientific theory of strings - which recalls other dimensions beyond those known to us - has inspired me separate and different work plans to create the multiplication levels of elements / worlds of meaning, potential theaters for unanticipated interpretations freed from any hierarchy of value.

I use clay and paper, aluminum and plexiglass, ink and collage, acrylics and incisions, embroidery, and in any case all that I need.
And the works are parts of possible compositions, recombinations open that create mental environments and different meanings: stories that exchange perspectives, roles, sense - to give a crossing potentially infinite, enter from any point in unexpected spaces, multiply the doors access and meanings, bring into play the certainty and the prejudice of vision, fragility of preconception.

The small ceramic sculptures measure from 25 to 50 cm in height.
Acetates are manufactured with engravings, drawings and collages, drawings are rolled up and overlap in various ways, minimum size 70x 100 cm.

General view of the installation.
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