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Pinus Pinea


Installation - happening in Pineta dei Lidi Ferraresi designed for the summer solstice by M. Sorgato Noale from the Shakespearean text "Sogno di una notte di mezza estate" - I thougt the "dream" as a perfect circle, animated by interference and seductive apparition effects, full of references and brilliant as fireworks.

I have therefore tried to make clear this circularity and this structure connected to infinite -like the ways of love - to returns and departures, - the eternal instinctual world.
I covered with a mosaic of mirrors a big spruce tree in the middle of pine forest, surrounding it by stones and silver dresses, arranged in a circle - each with a written letter of alphabet: a m o n o n. Some visitors to the forest along the circular path of stones read aloud. It was interesting the variety of interpretations that resulted. Around the branches and leaves hanging from them many moving and reflective surfaces - whose reflexes were visible even in a little moonlight.

Artists invited:
Installations of contemporary visual art by:Filippo Corazza, Nellý Cordioli, Laura Gioso, Guido Marchesini, Lara Oreskovic, Barbara Pelizzon, Giovanni Sartor, Paola Volpato.
Sound installations by: Lorenzo Tomio
Performance by: Filippo Corazza, Nellý Cordioli, Giovanni Sartor, Paola Volpato.

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