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Natura Ex Tinta - Artbooks


The work on the Tulip on Tower had shown me the point of view of the tulip from the Tower. From there appeared to me vividly how the countryside and nature were violated by the expansion of cities and industrial zones, suffocating under a sea of concrete.
I needed to estrange me from myself, from my ideologies and my reasoning , and look like watching a flower or a plant, and from that point of view, pure, devoid of rationality and periphrasis to hear and see in an absolute way.
This led me to work to NATURE EX TINTA, where the work has expanded to other levels of understanding and perception - internal to the tree.
A first attempt to exchange point of view that opens to other perceptions (sounds / recordings of noises, human voices, tactile materials, branches and sediment) - that interacts with the human visual and historical memory (past and present in pictures and testimonials , drawings) - becoming a real installation in which the tower is made single body/container/critic tree.

I worked on these artbooks starting from the black like element of attraction and sedimentation - as from a deep point of departure - of a during and after-extinction.

Natura Ex Tinta 1.
Natura Ex Tinta 2.
Natura Ex Tinta 4 - Canis Nigra
Natura Ex Tinta 3.
Natura Ex Tinta 5.
Natura Ex Tinta 6.

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