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Murals in the lobby of New Department of Oncology, Hospital of Mirano, Venice - Work in progress. Technique: acrylic paint, mirror on the wall.

This work is born from the invitation to donate artwork for the new Department of Oncology Mirano-Venice - first made on a wall of the entrance with a mural of 8.5 x 2.7 meters and then continued in the front wall of the same measure. is scheduled for further intervention to create a path inside the hospital that can create a sense of accompaniment and host to people who frequent and inhabit it.
The fresco is centered on the theme of the circle - circle of life, the circularity of life. The pain and the game, the perspective view of things from the point of view of a ancient, rather ancestral knowledge, but also of girl, the light of wisdom, the light of hope and awareness. The ancient and the contemporary are immersed in nature as the ancient mysteries and metaphors.

Circle 1, corridor
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Circle - Sketches
Circle - second operation
April operation

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