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Cutting Space, 2008, installation - 60 mirrors - sand - total length: 90 meters x 10 cm.

The work was created by site-specific art proposal PaRDeS - Laboratorio di Ricerca d'Arte Contemporanea di Mirano-to develop the theme centered on the concept of the cosmos: Astral between astronomy and astrology.
The ambition disappointed to think globally to a perceptible form of the universe has inspired me that this work aims to "reflect" on the ability to receive it, a possible method of understanding. The idea is to cut a space - a reversal of the point of view: Opening of the earth with a perfect line, reflecting a caesura that relaunches the sky its very being, and subverts the prospects and opens another dimension: above / below, inside / outside, brings in less - a net subtraction to the ground and a simultaneous sudden random projection upwards as a receptive infinite openness - a lack of land with a full vacuum .. sky.
I designed a long rod reflector, a mirror glass which crosses a straight line with a part of the garden from one point to another. The long avenue entrusted subsequently dedicated as a place - has an aspect of intimacy to the installation.

White cut 1, glass installation, 0,1 x 90 m
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